Tropical Holidays

Thailand Beach Holiday Guide

Thailand has some of the most beautiful beaches in Asia. The sand on the beaches in Thailand is usually sandy white and the water is crystal clear. Generally near the beaches there are plenty palm trees which provide shade to relax under. If not there will be locals nearby eager to provide umbrellas for a small charge to provide protection from the sun. Tourists can perform various types of recreational activities at Thailand beaches including fishing, sailing and jet sking. Examples of fish that inhabit the tropical waters of Thailand include the amberjack, barracouta, barracuda, barramundi, camouflage grouper, golden trevally, parrot fish, angel fish, black marlin and the sweetlip emperor. Blacktip reef sharks, leopard sharks, whale sharks and guitar sharks also inhabit coastal waters. The beaches are surrounded by a vast range of coral reefs so they are suitable for tourists who like scuba diving and snorkeling. Karon Beach and… Continue reading

Guide to the Tropical Islands in Thailand

Thailand has a number of tropical islands that offer panoramic seaside scenery. Phuket Island offers a wide range of recreational activities and entertainment venues which are open till early in the morning. Some of the recreational activities you can perform at Phuket Island include diving, fishing, jungle trekking and swimming. Once you arrive at Phuket Island, you can go to Laem Promthep which is located at the southern end of the island to watch beautiful sunsets  If you like the scenery of the Andaman Sea, you can visit the Karon viewpoint which has spectacular coastal scenery.

There are many hypermarkets, supermarkets and specialty shops in Phuket to service tourists needs. You will also find restaurants that offer delicious local Thai cuisine. Phuket is well known as a high class beach resort and most parts of the island are covered by lush forest and vegetation. You can bathe in the… Continue reading

Luxury holidays to Mauritius

If you feel like this then you probably thought already about a holiday in a remote, beautiful, comfortable place, where you can relax and forget about the world and all the trouble for a while. There are many places like this, but to find a beautiful, silent yet fun place, where you can truly feel that nothing else exist in the world is not as easy as you might think.

If you want to be in a secluded, remote place, you should go to a tropical island. The best way to get away from everything is definitely by going to Mauritius. This place is truly a heaven on earth: the deep blue ocean, the sparkling white sand and the emerald green forests will mesmerize anyone who sees a glimpse of this place. A Mauritius holiday is a real treat for the body and the mind as well. You can spend… Continue reading

Barbados as a Tropical Holiday Destination

Barbados, with its fantastic tropical ambiance, is one of the top Caribbean holiday destinations with a high percentage of repeat clientele. Visitors almost unanimously praise the beautiful beaches with their powdery white coral sands and turquoise waters, the friendly and intelligent people, and the modern amenities on the island.

Whether you are looking for a holiday to just relax and keep busy doing nothing but lounging or planning an action packed holiday in the sun, Barbados can deliver. For those of you planning a quiet holiday there are plenty of hotels and apartment away from the traditional tourist areas where you can spend hours laying on the beach or go for a walk in lush tropical gardens, then there are the hotels situated in the heart of the tourist areas which are packed with restaurants, bars, waters sports centres, shopping and so much more.

Accommodation in Barbados is so varied,… Continue reading