Thailand Beach Holiday Guide

Thailand has some of the most beautiful beaches in Asia. The sand on the beaches in Thailand is usually sandy white and the water is crystal clear. Generally near the beaches there are plenty palm trees which provide shade to relax under. If not there will be locals nearby eager to provide umbrellas for a small charge to provide protection from the sun. Tourists can perform various types of recreational activities at Thailand beaches including fishing, sailing and jet sking. Examples of fish that inhabit the tropical waters of Thailand include the amberjack, barracouta, barracuda, barramundi, camouflage grouper, golden trevally, parrot fish, angel fish, black marlin and the sweetlip emperor. Blacktip reef sharks, leopard sharks, whale sharks and guitar sharks also inhabit coastal waters. The beaches are surrounded by a vast range of coral reefs so they are suitable for tourists who like scuba diving and snorkeling. Karon Beach and Ao Nang Beach are some examples of the world renowned beaches in Thailand.

Chonburi has three beaches including Jomtien Beach, Naklua Beach, and Pattaya Beach. Jomtien Beach is a family friendly beach situated south of Pattaya Beach. Jomtien Beach is often visited by tourists that want to participate in various kinds of water sports such as jet skiing, banana boat riding and swimming. The gentle winds that constantly blow against the beach cool down the temperature of the environment. It has a vast array of accommodation to choose from and also has many bars and restaurants. Naklua Beach is suitable for visitors that want to perform windsurfing activities. A large investment has been made to clean up the waters around Naklua Beach. Nowadays, its possible to see colorful tropical fish swimming under the water as its so clear. If you want to carry out windsurfing activities, you can rent windsurfing equipment from the numerous rental shops positioned along the beach. Pattaya Beach is much more developed than the Jomtien Beach and Naklua Beach. There are a lot of nightlife entertainment venues such as bars, night clubs, dance clubs, discos and gogo bars that can be found along the Pattaya Beach strip. There are also world class stage shows which are performed regularly at the major hotels.

Another popular beach in Thailand is Ao Nang Beach. Ao Nang Beach is a popular beach side resort that offers a wide range of water based recreational activities including diving, kayaking, and sailing. There are several guesthouses and hotels located right on Ao Nang Beach. Many restaurants near the beach serve delicious seafood such as cray fish, craw fish, rock lobster, giant sea oysters, giant king prawns and calamari. It really is a great place for families who are planning to have a beach vacation. There is a lush jungle near Ao Nang Beach which has plenty of bird life such as the pale capped pigeon, brown winged kingfisher, mangrove pitta, ashy tailorbird, ruddy kingfisher and the Pacific reef egret. Bird watching is a very popular activity in the area, with many tourists traveling down from Bangkok to view to abundant bird life.

Tourists can also find clean beaches at Phang Nga. Ao Luk beach is the most visited beach of the Surin Islands. It offers shallow corals and many kinds of recreational activities can be conducted at Ao Luk beach including snorkeling and diving. Other beaches at Phang Nga include Ao Mae Yai, Hat Bang Sak and Hat Khao Lak.

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